Hej, hej, nice to have you here!

As an UX/UI designer, it's my purpose to create homepages, apps and more. That are visual pleasing. And notable for your users. Due to a joyful operation.

Whereever you are located, I am working remotely.

Latest Projects

YoTa Shop Logo


For a small, but exclusive brand it’s essential to be visible. That’s why I decided for a responsive website. That simultaneously serves as an online shop providing the best purchasing experience users may ever had.

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Made it? Made it! App Logo

Made it? Made it!

Lotta people are faced with procrastination. To ease their daily life, I designed an app which uses artificial intelligence. With the aim of creating individual schedules in the twinkling of an eye. Be curious.

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Fridge Widge App Alternative Logo

Fridge Widge UX

There are plenty of cooking apps available already. But figuring out the one that suits your desires may be challenging. Thus I went the opposite direction building an app. In this way, the navigation stays clear. Even though each longed-for feature is integrated.

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Fridge Widge App Logo

Fridge Widge UI

From the beginning till the end, it’s more than worthy to ask future users for feedback. Cause they’re the ones that pay your bills. When downloading the app and having a great time discovering tasty meals.Easy to prepare.

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Destinio App Logo


Making use of a survey, this app supports you identifying a travel destination. That fits your needs perfectly. Intended as marketing instrument, the app had to meet Google's as well as Apple's requirements. To succed entering their stores.

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