Case Study Cover

There are lots of apps offering support during vacation. But not a single one that guides you with the selection of the destination itself. Therefore, I searched for apps containing lots of results and/or filters, next. To get some inspirations for my app's main component: a survey.


When it comes to entering the App, respectively Google Play Store, it's not all about the designer's talent. Right?!
Cause the software giants have their own vision of an ideal app. Providing a consistent user experience along every single product on the market. So, let's jump straight into this project. The creation of an app that covers both, an Android and an iOS version.

A Comparison


To expedite my work, I made use of specific UI kits. Which try to match Apple's, respectively Google's, individual guidelines, as close as possible.

iOS Style Guide Android Style Guide

The components within I individualized. To construct my very own library at the end. Just take a look at the result. And, particularly, the differences.
By the way, I could imagine DESTINIO very well as a marketing instrument.

What's next

And.. psst.. I also intend to design a light scheme of my travel app. To gather experiences with Figma besides.


Here's the link to the iOS prototype. Have fun and..

Thanks a lot for your attention!