Case Study Cover


I experienced the issue of feeding yourself for the first time. As a student, cooking seems to be time consuming and annoying. But doesn‘t have to be. Like GU has shown in a cook book series for lazy people I could imagine to cooperate with.

Alternative Moodboard

Hence, I thought about a direction to take. Opting against the mood board shown above. Cause it seems to be a little childish. Not likely to convince males as well as females. Like the other one does. In addition to the joy that is transmitted. In both.


Preference Testing

To provide an excellent user experience, I strived for a pleasing appearance of my app. Inquiring users for their preferences. And, last, but not least, the avoidance of dark patterns. That ruin the trust in you and your product.

Preference Test Result

As a result, I created a guide. So that the style of this projects stays consistent. Independently of my presence. And/or an update after a long period of time. At this point, every single component is fixed. Ready to be applied. On each screen that is digitized.

Responsive Design

Responsive Wireframes
Responsive Wireframes

Adobe XD supports designers by a feature which guesses different screen sizes. Nevertheless, you have to adjust your design here and then. To guarantee that human touch. Machines will never be able to perceive.

Responsive Designs


From time to time, I was surprised by the answers I received during research. But these were the ones that made my app useful. So that I would use it by myself, now. Knowing that I gave life to Fridge Widge. Your digital cooking course.


Along every step you take, you get supported with video tutorials, detailed explanations and carefully selected recipes.

Furthermore, our community is willing to help 24/7. Cause we are gathering cooking enthusiasms from all over the world. Feel free to get in contact!

To imitate the finalized state of your product, animations will do the trick. Allowing a first run of the app. Even though it hasn't been coded, yet. But the experience is real. Let's see!


Thanks a lot for your attention!